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Turbidity Plus FAQ

How do I correct my readings with the Turbidity Plus for changes in temperature?

Turbidity Plus’s voltage response will change as temperature fluctuates.  Although, there is no temperature compensation built into the Turbidity Plus, the equation below can be used to correct for changes in temperature to increase data accuracy. 

Vtc = [(Ts – Tr) * (-0.0045 mV/Deg C)] + (Vs – Vblk)

Vtc is the blank & temp corrected voltage
Vblk is the blank response in voltage
Vs is the sample’s response in voltage
Ts is the sample’s temperature in degrees C
Tr is the reference temperature (temp when the probe was calibrated) in degree C

If calibration occurs at 25oC and then the sample temperature is at 30oC, the following calculation would determine the voltage response.

Calibrated Blank measures = 0.5 mV @ 25° C
Calibrated Signal measures = 10.5 mV @ 25° C
Vtc = [(30° C - 25° C) * (-0.0045 mV / Deg C)] + (10.5 mV – 0.5 mV)
Vtc = 9.9775 mV @ 30° C