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PhytoFind™ in situ Algal Classification

PhytoFind™ in situ Algal Classification
  • PhytoFind™ in situ Algal Classification
  • PhytoFind™ in situ Algal Classification
Algal Classification & Total Chlorophyll

PhytoFind™ is an in situ Algal Classification tool that distinguishes among algal groups. Real-time abundance estimates are calculated for PE-containing algae (mixed group), PC-containing algae (Cyanophyceae), and total algae (green/brown). Automatic correction for dissolved organic materials (DOM) provides more accurate real-time estimates. Interference from turbidity is minimal. Group percent estimates are displayed and logged along with temperature, depth, and chlorophyll (µg/L) concentrations, enabling calculation of chlorophyll concentrations per algal group.

PhytoFind is field-ready; no calibration is required. Solid-state optoelectronics ensure long term instrument stability and reliability. Factory-installed temperature and depth sensors are included in the standard PhytoFind package. A mechanical wiper can be factory installed to minimize biofouling. The durable delrin housing is resistant to harsh environments. Antifouling materials such as copper enable long term deployments. A large internal memory storage and a high capacity external battery make the PhytoFind ideal for many applications.

Product Highlights:
  • Real-Time Abundance Estimates
  • Automatic DOM Correction
  • Factory Calibrated
  • High Frequency Sampling
  • Depth and Temperature included

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