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Enviro-T2™ In-Line Fluorometer

Ideal for water treatment facilities wanting to continuously monitor levels of algae or cyanobacteria, Enviro-T2™ is an accurate, single-channel fluorometer that easily installs in-line and integrates with data collection systems. When configured with a Blue Excitation LED, Enviro-T2 detects fluorescence from all algal groups; when configured with a Red Excitation LED, it has maximized sensitivity for better detection of Cyanobacteria.

Enviro-T2's durable and rugged flow-through system operates in both marine and freshwater conditions. Simply connect the analog output cable to a SCADA system, data logger or any control cabinet that accepts a 4-20 mA output. The wide variety of control cabinets available allows users to choose from many different features and manufacturers.

Enviro-T2 uses solid-state optoelectronics making it a reliable, high performance, rugged continuous sampling device. Instrument maintenance or inspection is very easy with a quick one-step disconnect. Factory-adjusted, Enviro-T2 requires minimal installation effort. Standard solutions are available for quick functional checks.

Patent Number 7,099,012

Product Highlights:
Enviro-T2 Optics
Algal Abundance
Cyanobacteria Abundance