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Enviro-T2 & W600 Controller

Enviro-T2 & W600 Controller
  • Enviro-T2 & W600 Controller
  • Enviro-T2 & W600 Controller
Our new solution for online monitoring of algae includes the Enviro-T2 configured with a controller. We have a Blue Excitation Enviro-T2 for detecting fluorescence from all algal groups and a Red Excitation Enviro-T2 with maximized sensitivity for detecting cyanobacteria. Integration with a controller such as the W600 from Walchem is simple, requiring only the 4-20mA cable included with the Enviro-T2.

There are several benefits to our new offering:
  • Simplified maintenance – Enviro-T2 optical head is easily accessible for inspection and cleaning
  • Factory Calibrated – No calibration required, simply power up and start measuring
  • Low detection limit – Enviro-T2 MDL is 0.03ug/L
  • Rugged – Enviro-T2 is manufactured using materials that survive well in both fresh & marine environments
  • Large flow capacity – Enviro-T2 enables greater flow with 1”NPT plumbing

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