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DataBank™ Handheld Datalogger

DataBank™ Datalogger
  • DataBank™ Handheld Datalogger
  • DataBank™ Datalogger
The DataBank™ is a rugged and self-contained universal meter, datalogger and power supply. Specifically designed for use with the Cyclops and C-sense product lines, sensor calibration and operation are simple. The DataBank records high-frequency data which may be downloaded and graphically displayed on a pc. Sensor power is provided directly from the DataBank’s internal rechargeable batteries. Alternatively, an external +12 VDC power can be used. Various sensor cable lengths are available to allow sampling at multiple depths.

Product Highlights:
The Databank Datalogger paired with a Cyclops-7F Submersible Sensor or C-sense pCO2 Sensor enables easy data collection.

Available User-Changeable Cyclops-7F Sensors
Blue-Green Algae (Cyanobacteria)
     - Phycocyanin (Freshwater)
     - Phycoerythrin (Marine)
Chlorophyll In Vivo
     - Blue excitation
     - Red excitation
Fluorescent Dye Tracing
    - Fluorescein

    - PTSA
    - Rhodamine WT
   - Crude Oil
    - Refined Fuels

• Wastewater Monitoring
   - Optical Brighteners
   - Tryptophan
• Custom optics

Cyclops-7F Housing Options
• Stainless Steel
• Titanium
• Plastic*
• Plastic with Titanium Connector*

Titanium and Plastic withstand corrosion better than stainless steel and are recommended for stationary deployments in highly corrosive environments.
*Plastic housing has a larger diameter than stainless steel and titanium

Available User-Changeable
C-sense pCO2 Sensors
1,000ppm Sensor
2,000ppm Sensor
4,000ppm Sensor
10,000ppm Sensor