Congrats to Alisha Shah, Colorado State University, who was awarded a travel stipend to help fund her research trip to Ecuador for her presentation “Linking Metabolic Rates and Excretion Rates in Tropical Mayflies.” Full presentation available at:
Thanks for making Turner Designs a part of your research, Alisha!

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Enviro-T2 is ideal for drinking water or wastewater facilities that want to detect cyanobacteria and algae in their water flow.  It is an accurate, single-channel fluorometer which easily integrates with data collection systems providing a 4 – 20 mA output proportional to the fluorescence from chlorophyll in water.  The Enviro-T2 Red Excitation Fluorometer has maximum sensitivity for better detection of cyanobacteria; the Enviro-T2 Blue Excitation Fluorometer is configured with maximum sensitivity for all other algal groups.  Enviro-T2 uses solid-state optoelectronics making it a reliable, high performance, rugged continuous sampling device.  Instrument maintenance or inspection is very simple with a quick one-step disconnect.  Factory-calibrated and requiring minimal installation effort, simply plumb the Enviro-T2 in-line with your online monitoring system, connect the output of your controller or data logger, and supply power to estimate algal abundance as a biological parameter for your monitoring program.

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In September we welcomed many of our distributors from around the world to our new office for training.  It was an exciting 3 days filled with lots of information about our newest products.  We capped off the week with a fun-filled trip to Alcatraz Island and an evening in San Francisco.

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Turner Designs has over 40 years of experience engineering optical instruments.  Researchers often request custom fluorescence or absorbance modules for specific applications to be used with the Trilogy.  When requesting a custom application, provide us with the following information in order for us to properly specify and design your custom module:

•    Excitation (Absorption) and Emission center wavelength (CWL)
•    Desired bandwidth, if available
•    Application or Dye Name
•    MSDS for the Dye, if available
•    Existing Application notes, if available

We will provide you with detailed filter information for your records and approval prior to processing any order.

This is a typical example of filter transmission data that are provided to develop custom modules.

Turner Designs will guarantee the optical specification and functionality of your custom module but we cannot ensure minimum detection limit or dynamic range as applied to any specific application. To inquire about custom modules available for the Trilogy or any of our fluorometers, please contact our sales team.

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The IMO Ballast Water management convention was ratified 12 years after being proposed and will enter into force on September 8, 2017. Turner Designs is excited to partner with Wilhelmsen Ships Services for sales & service of all shipboard requirements for the Ballast-Check 2. Wilhelmsen and Turner Designs recently wrote this Technical Update providing an overview of the specification for allowable discharged ballast water and how to do an indicative analysis showing that ballast water is in compliance.
>>View Technical Update

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Turner Designs presented a poster on the Ballast-Check 2 at Ocean Optics in Victoria, B.C. in October 2016. The goal of the poster was to show how in vivo fluorescence detection can be used to verify ballast water compliance. Its ease of use and low cost make the Ballast-Check 2 a desirable indicative measurement tool for ballast water compliance by ship owners, ship operators, port state or regulatory officials.
>>View Poster

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We now sell a Chlorophyll Standard Solution (PN 2100-320) for direct concentration calibration of our Cyclops-7 Chlorophyll Fluorometers. This standard represents an equivalent chlorophyll concentration of 40µg/L which can be used to convert the sensor’s voltage response to concentration units enabling users to estimate chlorophyll as µg/L. It’s important to note that this calibration is an approximation. Actual µg/L estimates will vary depending on factors such as speciation, light history, algal stresses, pigment ratios, etc.

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Key components of our AlgaeWatch & CyanoWatch Online Fluorometers recently became unavailable. We still have enough material to repair fielded units, but we are unable to build additional new units. This prompted us to introduce the simplified alternative, the Enviro-T2. We expect customers will find it to be an easy transition from AlgaeWatch & CyanoWatch. Our new solution for online monitoring of algae includes the Enviro-T2 configured with a controller.  Integration is simple, requiring only the 4-20mA cable included with the Enviro-T2.  There are several advantages to our new offering:

  • Simplified maintenance – Enviro-T2 optical head is easily accessible for inspection and cleaning
  • Factory Calibrated – No calibration required, simply power up and start measuring
  • Lower detection limit – Enviro-T2 MDL is 0.03µg/L, three times more sensitive than AlgaeWatch
  • Rugged – Enviro-T2 material will survive well in both fresh & marine environments
  • Larger flow capacity – Enviro-T2 enables greater flow with 1” NPT plumbing

>>Learn more about Enviro-T2 and W600 Controller

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Due to material obsolescence we are no longer able to repair Cyclops-7 with serial numbers prior to 2100455 and AquaFluors with serial numbers prior to 800430. We hope you had many years of good use from your instruments and will consider buying new ones if your old ones stop working. Our sincere apologies for not being able to repair the older units.

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Turner Designs continuously updates our technical documentation with the most current information. We recently revamped the Trilogy manual to provide greater clarification on specific customer questions and comments. For those of you that have an older Trilogy you might find it helpful to download the latest version from our website. One important addition to the manual is a description of, and the benefits of, externally calibrating the Trilogy (See Appendix E). The example in the appendix uses chlorophyll standards, but this type of a calibration can be made using any standard that has a known concentration. As always if you have questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to contact our Technical Support Department.

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