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Please note, our office will be closed November 24th & 25th for the Thanksgiving holiday. We will re-open for regular business on Monday, Nov. 27th. Please feel free to send us messages during this time and we will respond upon our return.

Trilogy Laboratory Fluorometer

Software with Firmware Upgrade: Version 4.02

This Trilogy software may be used to:

• Upgrade the Trilogy’s firmware to Version 4.02
• Log data using Microsoft Excel

**This is Version 1.2 of the Spreadsheet Interface Software (SIS) for Trilogy. The updated firmware included is GUI rev 2.0.4 and firmware rev 4.02.**

NOTE: All Trilogy instruments purchased prior to August 03, 2006 will require a firmware upgrade to Version 4.02. All Trilogy instruments purchased after August 03, 2006 will not require the Version 4.02 firmware upgrade.

Setup.exe file (zip 6.55mb)
Easy to download - Installation Instructions

Please contact our Technical Support department if you have questions.

USB Serial Adaptor Cable Information

Currently many of the new computers only have USB ports for Serial communication, they have eliminated the older style 9 pin serial connectors, known as DB9 connectors. Turner Designs still supplies Fluorometers and cables with these DB9 serial connectors. If you want to use the USB port on your computer to connect to our Fluorometers, you will need to purchase one of these USB Serial Adaptor Cables. We have developed and tested a Communication Integration Cable that works with our instruments.  View Product
Please contact our Technical Support department if you have questions.