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SCUFA Submersible Fluorometer

SCUFA® Software

Version 2.1 

Version 2.1 is available only to those units with the latest version of the firmware. If you purchased a unit prior to February, 2001 you do not have the latest firmware. To have your firmware upgraded or to determine if you need the firmware upgrade please contact our Technical Support department. The upgrade is free of charge but requires shipment of the SCUFA back to our facility.

Version 1.7

SCUFA Soft Fix (March 2009)
Easy to download - Installation Instructions

Please contact our Technical Support department if you have questions.

USB Serial Adaptor Cable Information

Currently many of the new computers only have USB ports for Serial communication, they have eliminated the older style 9 pin serial connectors, known as DB9 connectors. Turner Designs still supplies Fluorometers and cables with these DB9 serial connectors. If you want to use the USB port on your computer to connect to our Fluorometers, you will need to purchase one of these USB Serial Adaptor Cables. We have developed and tested a Communication Integration Cable that works with our instruments.  View Product
Please contact our Technical Support department if you have questions.