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**Upcoming Holiday Shutdown**
Our office will be closed December 25th through January 1st for winter holidays. We will re-open for regular business on Tuesday, January 2nd. We wish you all the best this holiday season and look forward to working with you in the new year.

Customer Testimonials
"Lawrence has been a great help with all my little questions I keep having. He never seems bothered by me and is always willing to give me as much time as I need to understand my next steps!"
- Nikki Cantatore, Harbor Watch, a program of Earthplace

"We have this instrument in multiple QC labs and they have all worked great over the years. We actually started with the TD-700 model and have updated our methods since to use the 7200."
- Brent Utech, 3M

"Tom was very helpful when ordering our DataBank and 2 Cyclops sensors. The field of fluorometers was new to me, so I had a lot of questions. The instrument worked very well for our undergraduate research project and gave the students experience working with instrumentation they are likely to use later in their careers. The website was very helpful, I just had a difficult time finding what I needed because fluorometers are new to me. The technical documentation clarity is in response to the calibration of the instrument. Better when I called to discuss with Tom."
- Kevin Spigel, Unity College

"Sales Engineer was very helpful and responsive. The white papers and other reviews on dye tracing, put together by Turner, are extremely helpful in catching people up to speed on the basic methodologies used and the limitations of the equipment. I recommend putting together a more comprehensive review on Fluorescein at some point. "
- Patrick Morse, Waterborn Environmental Inc.

"The handheld fluorometer has been a great addition to our lab and testing protocols for stormwater quality monitoring. We have been able to prove the contaminants are not from a residential source - this has significantly improved our public relations with the local watershed council membership - a very worthwhile investment for that reason alone! Tech support has been great and staff came up to speed on use of the unit within a week. Very easy to use and consistent results. Thank you for the assistance and support."
- Daniel Grassick, City of Cannon Beach

"Instrument is reliable. Sales support team very helpful."
- Yajuan Lin, Duke University

"I appreciate how helpful all of the people I interacted with from Turner Designs were. I definitely feel it is an A+ company, and those are hard to find.  Thanks!"
- Erin Satterthwaite, Bodega Marine Lab

"I have used many Turner Designs products and they have never let me down!"
- Jonathon B. Van Gray, Kent State University

"I would rate you higher than 10 if 11 was an option. I'm happy to see that you guys are continuing to improve your products and services. It was a pleasure to interact with Tom Brumett, and that really means something because I typically loathe dealing with sales reps.  You have a well-earned, great reputation. Please keep it up."
- Dr. Janet Rowe, University of California, Irvine

"Tom Brumett in sales has been particularly helpful. Also very quick delivery of solid and certified standards the day before a cruise was appreciated."
- Jim Watkins, Cornell University