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TD-700 Laboratory Fluorometer Accessories & Spares
Available Accessories & Spare Parts for the TD-700 Laboratory Fluorometer

In July, 2005 the TD-700™ was replaced with the Trilogy® Laboratory Fluorometer. The Trilogy® is a compact, multifunctional laboratory instrument that can be used for making fluorescence, absorbance and turbidity measurements using the appropriate snap-in module. Some of the applications we've added beyond the TD-700's applications are Optical Brighteners, Phosphate, Nitrate and Silicate.

Because TD-700™ owners are some of our most valued customers, we are offering an excellent trade-in program to demonstrate our commitment to you. To take advantage of the TD-700™ Trade-In Program please complete our Trilogy® Laboratory Fluorometer quotation request form and indicate the serial number of the TD-700™ you wish to trade-in.

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